Will you accept Min Yoongi's confession?


i love myself because im pretty and i dont give off any weeaboo vibes irl. like you would never guess that i almost cried today because my favorite character appeared in an anime!! i like that about myself.. at least i seem like i have dignity on the outside.


aliens don’t wanna hang out with us because we’re embarrassing and also still capitalist

130523 Yoongi’s tweets: “Ah, we finished the practice late at night and I’m bored, I gotta tease Jimin eungkyakya~ I want to make of Jimin a giant, so that Jimin becomes a giant who has strong muscular abs so I can ride in his back and go for a walk outside. Now I won’t be scared of the donkeys in case they want to hit me.” for sugafuck ♡ trans

i’ll be forever bitter about the fact there aren’t more hq photos from the d&g capri alta moda presentation

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Marie Egner, Kupferschale mit weißen und rosa Blumen gefüllt (detail)

By 1940